Introductory Questions

Name (family, Given)

Mintzberg Kyle

Student ID #


What is your preferred name?

My preffered name is just Kyle Mintzberg.

What is your preferred pronoun?

My preffered Pronoun is He.

Where did you last study before Dawson?

I last studied at Selwyn House school.

What program are you currently enrollled in.

I am Currently enrolled in Social Sciences.

What are your plans after completing your DEC?

I plan to continue my studies in California after Dawson.

What is your favourite subject?

My favourite subject at dawson is either my modern ethics in comic books class or my business class.

What is your favourite past time/hobby/sport.

My favourite sport is basketball.

Honestly, why did you select this course?

I selected this course because i saw it having the most potential to be usefull in real life and it something i am interested in.

Describe two different learning activities that you find most effective

I think watching videos and doing in class excercises are two of the most effective learning activities.